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Recently, students in Culpeper, Madison, and Rappahannock were challenged to write an original essay of 500 words or less telling us about a Black American (famous or not) who has had a positive impact on their life. Incredibly, we received SIXTY-FIVE passionate, well-written submissions. It was incredibly difficult to choose, but these are the ones that moved us the most (click a link to read the essay):


Elementary School:
  • E9: Kyle Peterson Tapia, Jr; Grade 4, Emerald Hill Elementary School
  • E30: Alexander Bradshaw, Grade 4, Homeschooled in Culpeper County
Middle School:
  • M8: Yasmin Morton, Grade 7, Culpeper Middle School
  • M13: Amira Bradshaw; Grade 7; Homeschooled in Culpeper County
High School:
  • H7: Maris Teodoro, Eastern View High School, Class of 2023
  • H8: Gabrielle A. Williams, 12th Grade, Homeschooled in Culpeper County
  • H9: Josey Ribeiro-Mills, 17 Years Old, Eastern View High School
Judges’ Awards:
  • M14: Malaysia Ravenel, Floyd T Binns
  • H4: Hunter Lutz, Eastern View High School Class of 2023