Over the last several weeks, we’ve witnessed what the world has never seen before.

All 50 states, dozens of countries, and hundreds of thousands of people across the globe have stood up in this moment of solidarity and offered the resounding statement: Enough is enough!

And now recognizing that our very lives depend on the actions we take next, it has never been more important for us to recognize the power that we have in this moment through our VOTE.

The NAACP has launched our Early Volunteer Program website to help us mobilize voters to take action in November. This customized site will provide up to date information surrounding state primary elections, NAACP election activities, and opportunities for you to lead your community to the polls.

Our lives depend on how we advocate for ourselves today. By adding your voice and your impact, YOU can help chart the course for our future.

Thousands have already joined us, but we need your voice as well.

Help us to ensure that democracy works for us all.