The last day to register or to update/correct your voter registration records ahead of the next election is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13. If you do not register by then, you will not be able to vote. If your records are out-of-date, you’ll have to cast a provisional ballot, which may or may not be counted.

It only takes a minute to check your records! Virginia Voter Information – Citizen Portal


As of September 18, Virginians can begin voting in one of the most consequential elections of our lifetimes. Thanks to recently passed laws, Virginia is one of the easiest places to cast your ballot. These laws include:

• No photo-ID requirement
• No-excuse absentee voting
• 45-day early voting period
• Election Day is a state holiday

Additionally, the General Assembly recently approved measures to ensure voting by mail is even safer and secure this year, including:

• Pre-paid postage on absentee ballots
• Secure ballot drop-off locations in every locality
• Notifying voters if their absentee ballot was rejected because of an error and allowing them to correct the error

Early In-Person Voting

If you choose to vote in-person, you may do so starting tomorrow at your local registrar’s office or satellite voting location. Early in-person voting runs through Saturday, October 31. You can look up your registrar’s hours and information here.

Remember to bring an acceptable form of identification, though you will still be able to vote without an ID if you sign a sworn ID Confirmation Statement.

Absentee Voting By Mail

Registrars will begin mailing absentee ballots on September 18 to voters who request them. You may find your Registrar’s contact information here. Mailed ballots may be returned via USPS or other mail delivery service, or by dropping it off in person at your registrar’s office or at an official ballot drop-off location in your locality. For more information, go to

However you choose to cast your ballot, it’s critical that you vote and make your voice heard!