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Malfeasance in the handling of the Lenn Park flag issue?

The divisive issue of Confederate imagery saw action in Culpeper County on various fronts this past week, coinciding with a Washington TV station’s exposé that accused local officials of malfeasance in the handling of the Lenn Park flag issue.

NBC’s team interviewed Stevensburg District Supervisor Bill Chase at the end of his farm drive. The news broadcast reported improper procedure and mismanagement by county supervisors and the county in handling the battle-flag issue, as previously reported by the Star-Exponent.

Mistake Allowed Confederate Flag to Fly on County Property for Years

When “Heritage” Means Hate

Many statues like the one next to the Culpeper courthouse were built across the South during the Jim Crow era (from 1877 to the 1950s) to intimidate Blacks, send a message about white supremacy and sentimentalize Confederate soldiers, according to historians.

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